Italy's next new fest is for families


VENICE, Italy -- The region that includes the Italian capital is getting its third new festival in as many years as organizers on Wednesday announced the creation of the Fiuggi Family Festival, a family-oriented event that will take place in a village near Rome.

The Fiuggi fest will debut in July under the direction of Andrea Piersanti, a former director of the Institute Luce, the production arm of Rome's Cinecitta Studios.

The festival follows on the heels of the large-budget RomaCinemaFest, which will hold its second edition in October, and the television-oriented RomaFictionFest, which was unveiled in July.

The Fiuggi event is joining an already crowded Italian festival calendar. The weeks leading up to the event next year will see the 54th annual Taormina Film Festival in Sicily, the 10th annual Naples Film Festival, the 44th annual Pesaro Film Festival, the 38th annual Giffoni Film Festival and the second edition of the RomaFictionFest.

Giffoni, which takes place in Rome, focuses on films for children and so may have some overlap with the Fiuggi festival, though Fiuggi organizers downplayed that possibility.

For his part, Piersanti says the new festival will find its niche. "Films made for the entire family have an enormous commercial impact," he said. "July is a perfect date, because that's when distributors present their lists (of films to be released) and we can help publicize that."

A historic hilltop village of about 10,000 residents, Fiuggi is located about 35 miles southeast of Rome.

Directors said that additional information about the festival will be released in the coming weeks.