ITN On launches YouTube channel


LONDON -- Britain's biggest commercial news organization ITN has partnered with YouTube through its multimedia division ITN On to launch a channel on the popular video-sharing site, the partners said Monday.

The advertising-funded channel will carry entertainment, sports, movies and Bollywood programs made specifically for online platforms, ITN On said.

ITN will provide showbiz material daily for the channel. Content will include "Bollywood Insider," a gossip and movie-releases show presented by Sunrise Radio's Suzi Mann.

YouTube users also will be able to watch ITN's EPL, a roundup of the latest from the day's soccer news, and Sports Fix, a weekly rundown of news from the sports world.

ITN said it also plans to create content for the channel using its video archives.

"As a leading producer of high-quality video content for online and mobile platforms, ITN On sees YouTube as a key partner for making our entertainment and sports content available to end users," ITN On managing director Nicholas Wheeler said.

He added that he thought YouTube would boost ITN's brand reputation "as a provider of high-quality video journalism on the Web."

YouTube EMEA head of partnerships Patrick Walker said: "We are delighted to have ITN as our new partner, and their channel will further enrich YouTube with quality entertainment and sport content."

Walker said the appetite for "professional content" from YouTube users remains high and that the deal would enable ITN to "use YouTube as a new source of revenue generation."