iTunes to credit Season Pass subscribers


NEW YORK -- Apple's iTunes is crediting its Season Pass subscribers for episodes of TV series lost to the WGA strike.

For subscribers to shows that will be back in the coming weeks but will have less episodes than originally planned, Apple said it will refund the difference due to lost shows at the discounted price. The company will also give two free video credits, which amounts to about $4 and can be used for other offerings in iTunes, to these accounts.

Apple is also crediting the accounts of subscribers to shows that have prematurely ended because of the strike. These subscribers will also get two free video credits.

Apple started sending out two groups of emails to Season Pass subscribers on Monday informing them of this decision. A spokesman said that the emails to subscribers for shows that are coming back were sent on Monday. The emails pertaining to shows that have ended for the season will be delivered as refunds are processed. These started going out Monday and they all will be sent out by early next week.

The spokesman declined to say how many Season Pass subscribers there are and what the total cost of these refunds will amount to for Apple.

Season Pass subscribers receive the whole season of an available show on iTunes at a discounted price. Single episodes are available for $1.99.

Amazon Unbox won't have the same problem for its Season Pass selections. A spokeswoman for the company explained that Season Pass buyers are charged per episode only after each episode is delivered, and at a discounted rate.