ITunes movie service headed to Europe


LONDON-- Europeans will get a bite of Apple Computer's iTunes movie and video-download service before the end of the year, a senior Apple executive has told reporters.

Apple's vice president Europe Pascal Cagni used an interview with French-language business daily Les Echos to press home the point.

In fact, the exec was reiterating comments made last September by Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Speaking at a "Showtime" special event on Sept. 12, Jobs said this about the offering of movies through iTunes: "We hope to take this international in 2007."

Also in the French interview, Cagni said the hugely-anticipated iPhone would roll out in Europe in the fourth quarter of this year.

According to the report, Cagni also confirmed plans to open an Apple retail store in Paris, at an undisclosed date in 2007.

Lars Brandle is global news editor at Billboard.