ITV apologizes for missing England goal

1.5 million HD viewers see Hyundai ad instead

LONDON -- ITV bosses were forced to apologize after more than a million HD viewers missed England's only goal of the match because "human error" led to an advert accidentally being aired instead.

Adverts are not usually aired until half time, but as England's debut match got underway on Saturday night, around 1.5 million HD viewers found themselves watching a Hyundai advert instead of watching England captain Stephen Gerrard scoring in the fourth minute of the match.

Viewers only realized the error had happen when the match returned and they found they had missed the key goal. ITV's standard coverage was unaffected.

Social networking site Twitter was inundated with furious fans saying that their coverage had been ruined.

ITV HD issued an on-air apology during the match, with presenter Adrian Chiles at half-time offering "apologies for those watching in HD. I believe there was some interruption in your coverage."

ITV had high hopes of its first ever HD coverage of the tournament, but instead the broadcaster was forced to apologize to viewers for the blunder.

"A transmission problem temporarily affected ITV1's HD service during the England/USA match.

"ITV standard definition service continued uninterrupted. We apologize for the interruption in transmission."