ITV Cancels 'Jekyll & Hyde' After One Season

ITV's 'Jekyll & Hyde' - H 2015
Courtesy of ITV

Ratings for the retelling of Robert Louis Stevenson's novel fell to 1.8 million viewers, while it also had drawn complaints that it was "too scary" for its early time slot.

U.K. broadcaster ITV made a big splash when it announced a retelling of Robert Louis Stevenson's Jekyll and Hyde back in late 2014.

But it appears that the action-adventure series didn't have quite the monstrous impact that had been hoped, with writer and executive producer Charlie Higson announcing Tuesday that the show won't return after its first season. 

"Sad day today as ITV announce they don’t want any more #JekyllandHyde Ah well, I tried. It was a grand adventure while it lasted," tweeted Higson.

Although the series opened to 3.4 million viewers in the overnight ratings in October, the final episode on Dec. 27 pulled in just 1.8 million. The show also had a rocky start after it was deemed "too scary" for its 6.30 p.m. time slot, drawing more than 800 complaints, while the fourth episode, which contained scenes of violence involving a gunfight, was rescheduled in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks.

In another tweet, Higson indicated that he hadn't expected the show to be canned, saying that he had "some great stories lined up for [season 2]."