ITV Says BBC Should Be Banned From Airing Formats Such as 'The Voice'

'The Voice'

The commercial TV giant criticized the public broadcaster's acquisition of global formats.

British commercial network giant ITV has hit out at public broadcaster BBC for acquiring global formats such as Talpa Media's The Voice.

In a statement offered in response to a British government inquiry into the BBC's ongoing charter review, it said the broadcaster should be banned from airing international formats or acquisitions on its flagship BBC1 and BBC2 channels, and stopped from picking up any finished U.S. shows or films.

“There is a far better case for the BBC to be compelled to invest the money it currently spends on acquisitions on original U.K. films,” it said. “Such an investment would turbo-charge the U.K. film industry.”

However, it claimed that the BBC could be the "buyer of last resort" on non-U.S. formats should no commercial rival be interested.

ITV also attacked the BBC's current output, saying the number of unique titles on BBC1 had "declined substantially."