ITV's 'Primeval' Evolves Into Canadian Spin-Off Drama

Impossible Pictures and Omni Film Productions will co-produce a 13-part spin-off, "Primeval: New World," that uses extensive elements from the British sci-fi drama.

TORONTO – Brit producer Impossible Pictures is pacting with Omni Film Productions on a Canadian spin-off of its Primeval sci-fi series on ITV.

The twist is the new Canadian series, Primeval: New World, will be structured as a Canada-UK co-production, and will use characters and story-lines from the British Primeval series, while inserting new Canadian characters and story-lines into the local version.

“This is a truly unique opportunity, building a parallel, yet independent series that will appeal to existing fans and new audiences,” Corrie Coe, senior vp of independent production at Bell Media, which ordered the 13 one hour Primeval: New World drama for its Space channel.

“This new Canadian series offers a fresh world of possibilities in terms of characters and stories, while including some favourite elements from the original U.K. Primeval,” she added.

The cost savings from mixing in elements of the British series into the Canadian drama, coupled with production tax credits from producing Primeval: New World in Vancouver, are also evident.

Set in Vancouver against the backdrop of the Pacific Northwest, the Canadian sci-fi spin-off promises elements that Space viewers already know from watching the Brit Primeval series on the Canadian cable channel, while including a darker storylines from an all-Canadian writers room.

The fifth season of Primeval from Impossible Pictures will bow on Nov. 10 on Space.