Ivanka Trump Distancing Herself From Namesake Fashion Label

Ivanka Trump RNC 3 - H 2016
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The future First Daughter can now be found at @IvankaTrump on Instagram, while #TeamIvanka is over at @ivankatrumphq.

Ivanka Trump is going to keep her private life separate from her work — at least, that's what she's suggesting.

The future First Daughter took to Instagram Monday to announce that her @IvankaTrump account would become her personal channel, where she'll share what she's up to "inside the office and out of it." Meanwhile, those still interested in her namesake label can follow @ivankatrumphq for "the latest from #TeamIvanka, including the content they're creating for #WomenWhoWork."

The editorial team also added a note on IvankaTrump.com:

"Our company’s mission is not political—it never was and it never will be—however, Ivanka, personally, has an increased opportunity to advocate for women and be a positive force for change. As a private citizen, with full awareness of her heightened visibility, she will broaden her efforts to take a stance on issues of critical importance to American women and families. Meanwhile, our team will continue working to inspire and empower women to create the lives they want to live through solution-oriented product and inspiring content on IvankaTrump.com and across social media."

In conclusion, the letter read, "This is an unprecedented time for our company and we are being intentional in how we move forward, working hard to ensure we’re creating the best possible community for our readers. We’ve been listening to the feedback we’ve received, both positive and not, and we’ve been taking it into consideration as we plan for the future."

The announcement comes a week after Ivanka's jewelry brand got backlash for sending an email to journalists to promote the $10K bracelet she wore during her family's 60 Minutes interview. The publicizing of the yellow gold and diamond bangle raised many eyebrows, with critics accusing Trump of using her family's political position as a marketing opportunity to promote her brand.

Following the controversy, Abigail Klem, the president of the Ivanka Trump brand, told The New York Times that the company "is still making adjustments post-election," as well as "discussing new policies and procedures with all of our partners going forward."