Ivey grows as COO of new Autonomous


NEW YORK -- Laura Ivey has been appointed COO of Autonomous Films and After Dark Films.

The former executive vp business affairs and operations at Odd Lot Entertainment will oversee the growth of new production, financing and distribution outfit Autonomous and the horror-oriented producer-distributor After Dark.

Ivey will report to the CEO of both labels, Courtney Solomon, who owns each with Hong Kong-based real estate financier Allan Zeman.

Autonomous will produce and finance four high-end genre films a year in the $5 million-$20 million range, along with acquisitions like this fall's "Wristcutters: A Love Story." After Dark will continue with its annual After Dark Horrorfest, bringing the "8 Films to Die For" series to theaters nationwide every fall.

Before Odd Lot, Ivey was vp business and legal affairs at producer Infinity Media ("Saved") as well as positions at First Look Media and Lynda Obst Prods.