Good News: Ivy Park Will Be Restocked

Courtesy of Beyonce/Instagram
Beyonce for Ivy Park

Though based on the low turnout at L.A.'s Topshop location this morning, odds are you probably still can get your hands on a few pieces in-store.

When Beyonce announced that her new athleisure line, Ivy Park, was dropping this week, we expected that — like anything Bey touches — the collection would sell out within seconds.

After all, the Balmain x H&M and Lilly Pulitzer x Target collections caused riots both in stores and online, thanks to a low inventory — and Lilly fans don't even come close to matching the fervor of the BeyHive.

The key difference this time around? Ivy Park will be restocked. Repeat, Ivy Park will be restocked both online and in stores.

Topshop — which, along with Nordstrom, is one of two retailers in the U.S. carrying the coveted goods — gave their assurances over Twitter, however no specific restock date has been confirmed. Instead, the Topshop help team advised customers to "keep an eye on the website."

As for now, there's still plenty of inventory left on the retailer's website, though finding your specific size in every piece you want (read: all of them) may prove a bit difficult.

If this morning's low turnout at Topshop's L.A. store at The Grove is any indication, however, there's a good chance you'll be able to get your hands on a sports bra or perhaps a pair of branded slides at the brick-and-mortar locations.

A store employee tells Pret-a-Reporter there was "definitely a rush" when doors opened at 10 a.m. PT (and a small crowd gathered outside), though it only lasted about 20 minutes. Much to our surprise, 45 minutes after the doors opened, there were maybe 10 people milling about the racks at their leisure — a handful of which were reporters.

Those early birds who did turn up, however, were treated to watermelon-jalapeno bites and serenaded with Beyonce's sweet, sweet words, thanks to a DJ spinning everything from Destiny's Child-era "Say My Name" to "Formation." Not bad for a Thursday morning.