Jaa collaborating with royalty


BANGKOK, Thailand -- Thai Prince Chatrichalerm Yukol is collaborating with "Ong Bak" star Tony Jaa on his next film.

This year, the prince's first two installments of the "King Naresuan" trilogy broke records at the Thai boxoffice (HR 2/27). The second "Naresuan" installment is the official Thai submission for in the foreign-language category for the upcoming Academy Awards.

Yukol said Jaa will appear in a supporting role as a slave in the third "Naresuan" movie, which will not, as initially expected, be released Dec. 5 to coincide with the 80th birthday of Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Jaa is working on "Ong Bak II," in which he will star and make his directorial debut (HR 4/2).

"In this movie you will have a chance to see him act, not just do stunts," Yukol said.

Shooting with Jaa will start early next year, with a release expected later in the year.