Jack Black and James Marsden Relive High School Memories at 'The D Train' Premiere

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Jack Black and James Marsden chat about their high school experiences at the L.A. premiere of their new film

Jack Black, James Marsden, Kathryn Hahn and others walked the red carpet Monday night at Hollywood’s ArcLight Cinemas for the Los Angeles premiere of The D Train.

The dark comedy centers on an unpopular Pennsylvania man (Black) heading the alumni committee in charge of organizing his high school's 20-year reunion. With the RSVPs not coming in, he decides to track down the most popular guy from high school (Marsden), now the star of a national Banana Boat commercial and living in Los Angeles, in the hope that his presence will encourage other classmates to attend.

Given the material, the stars of the film reflected about their own high school reunions.

"I was working for both my 10-year and my 20-year reunions," Marsden told The Hollywood Reporter. "I was relieved, to be honest. High school wasn't the greatest time for me."

Added Hahn, star of the new TV series Happyish: "I attended my 10-year high school reunion, and it was as horrifying as you could imagine. I went to an all-girls Catholic school. A lot of nuns."

While reunion films certainly are not uncommon in Hollywood, writer-directors Andrew Mogel and Jarrad Paul decided on the far-less-represented setting of a 20-year reunion rather than the average 10-year reunion flick.

"I feel like there's more of a midlife crisis embedded in this," said Mogel. "There's just more to really struggle with."

When asked about their high school experiences, the stars were open about their place in the wild social landscape that was their teenage years.

"I was actually the class clown," deadpanned Black. "Can you believe that?" And Marsden laughed about the differences between himself and his popular character. "I was not that guy in high school," he said. "I had to fake it."

Joked Mogel and Paul: "We were studs at our reunion. We were like, 'But what if someone wasn't?' " 

"Anyone who said they had a good high school experience is lying,” said Hahn, adding with a chuckle: “I was so cool. Just so slick. No. No, I was a disaster."

The D Train opens nationwide May 8.