Jack Black out of Todd Phillips project

Would have been first project with 'Old School' helmer

Jack Black has fallen out of "Man-Witch," Todd Phillips' supernatural comedy that's set up at Warner Bros.

When the star was attached last year, it was hailed as notable because it was the first collaboration between the boxoffice-drawing comic actor and the force behind such comedy powerhouses as "Old School" (which Phillips wrote, directed and produced) and "Borat" (which he wrote.)

"Man-Witch" centered on a man who discovers he's a witch and then heads off to teach at a female witch school; Phillips is set to produce and, likely, to direct.

Sources said that the decision this week to part ways may have originated from Black's camp, which had questions about Phillips' commitment to direct the picture ahead of "Hangover," another comedy said to be close to the helmer's heart. That project is also set up at Warners.

Warners confirmed the departure but declined to provide further detail. A spokesperson for Black said the star had no comment. A spokesperson for CAA, which reps Phillips, declined to comment.

The actor's departure has not affected the status of the movie, which remains in active development. Warners and Phillips are said to be combing a list of stars to replace the funnyman.

Black stars in the upcoming comedy ensemble "Tropic Thunder" as well as in the Judd Apatow-produced "Year One."

The Black-voiced "Kung-Fu Panda" was the top-grossing movie at the boxoffice last weekend, surpassing expectations by earning more than $60 million domestically.