Twitter's Jack Dorsey Wore Weird Sandals to a Talk With Goldman Sachs' CEO

Jack Dorsey Twitter NewFront - One Time Use Only - Getty - H 2017
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Are exposed toes the next Silicon Valley office fashion trend?

It's easy to poke fun at the men's fashion stereotypes of Silicon Valley. There's the granola huffer who has pledged allegiance to both The North Face and Crocs, the pastel-gingham-shirt bro with an emotional attachment to Sperrys and, of course, the men who wear the same jeans and black/gray tee every day and will not hesitate to preach the benefits of the Uniform Lifestyle if you give them the chance. (Pro tip: Don't.)

Among the latter — usually the public-facing CEOs — however, footwear is a point of pride. (Much has been made of the tech capital's love affair with a particular pair of Lanvin sneakers.) So it was surprising, to say the least, when Twitter CEO and founder Jack Dorsey arrived to a talk with Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein on Wednesday in a pair of funky, thong-style sandals. 

Styled with a slightly oversize black t-shirt and skinny black pants, Dorsey looked more appropriately outfitted for a yoga class in West Hollywood than a meeting with one of the most powerful men in business. Especially with his trendy, Bachelor-approved haircut, fresh tan and trim Brooklynite beard, Dorsey's ensemble had more than a few Twitter users wondering if he had broken the already-lax business appropriate rules. Said Business Insider reporter Dennis Green, who first spotted the offending sandals: "You shouldn't subject your office mates to your potentially unsightly feet — even if you are their boss."

Blankfein, for his part, ditched his suit and tie for a button-down (with the top two buttons open!) and slacks for his meeting at Twitter HQ. 

A brief investigation into Dorsey's 2017 style proves that the man knows his footwear. Just last month, he was spotted in a pair of $995 Rick Owens rubber cap-toe leather sneakers (above), while earlier this summer he was wearing Yeezy Boosts. He paired both footwear options with the same Justin Bieber-length black t-shirt and too-long black skinny pants. The pivot to a streetwear style is one that Dorsey has embraced only recently; older photos prove that pre-beard, paler Dorsey was definitely of the gingham shirt club.

Perhaps this particular style of sandals will be all the rage in San Francisco-area offices next spring? Unless pedicures become mandatory, we hope not.