Jack Nicholson Makes Rare Appearance at Taschen and 1stDibs Rolling Stones Party

Taschen_Party DO NOT BLAST - H 2014
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Taschen_Party DO NOT BLAST - H 2014

The actor was one of several famous faces, including Steven Tyler and Arnold Schwarzenegger, to celebrate photographer David Bailey's Rolling Stones photo exhibit

Last Saturday, Taschen and 1stDibs, the online antiques company, celebrated the opening of "It’s Just a Shot Away: The Rolling Stones in Photographs," a historic photo exhibit curated by Reuel Golden. The David Bailey-hosted cocktail party took place in Taschen’s new commercial gallery space in Hollywood and showcased almost 100 photographs tracing the band's history.

The space, which was previously a Design Within Reach store, drew a bevy of who’s whos including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jack Nicholson, Pamela Anderson, Steven Tyler, David LaChapelle, Jeremy Scott, Michael Chow, Amber Rose, Udo Kier and Ralf Möller.  

Steven Tyler remarked that his two favorite photos were a rare shot of Mick Jagger in the front room taken in 1964 and a photo of Brian Jones. “You almost don’t see photos of him any more!” exclaimed Tyler, who found himself nearly as popular as the Stones’ images, taking snaps at the events with multigenerational fans.

The exhibit, which also included prints from Anton Corbijn, Gered Mankowitz, Dominique Tarlé and Albert Watson, was also legendary photographer Bailey’s first group show since he exhibited with artist David Hockney in London in 1971.

Fans of portraiture including photography entrepreneur Sturgis Adams and actor Cameron Moir remarked on the significance of the wide appeal of the event, which became even more evident when Jack Nicholson entered the room.

“This is fascinating! I’m watching everyone from transgenerational twinks to senior citizens follow him around,” mused Moir, who has appeared in Non-Stop with Liam Neeson. “Though the sighting of Jack is almost more important than the photos!”

Indeed the sighting of the increasingly private actor drew attention from around the room. But Nicholson was unfazed, unhurriedly enjoying the exhibit. The actor spent time discussing the photos with David Bailey, and while a crowd followed him around the room, he appeared relaxed and at ease as the two discussed the best art in the event.

“Hey, shouldn’t the room also be working me?" joked Steven Tyler gamely, in reaction. The ageless Tyler indicated that he was looking forward to more than the party, namely the holidays. “I’m going to Boston with the kids. Then the day after Christmas, I’m heading to Maui,” enthused the singer.

The exhibit runs through Jan. 31 and will also feature Taschen’s Sumo-sized tome, The Rolling Stones Collector’s Edition, limited to just 1,600 copies worldwide, available for purchase and signed by Mick, Keith, Charlie and Ronnie.