'Jackass 3D' Director: How We Came Up With Stunts

David Strick

Plus: Microsoft exec to step down, Wal-Mart offers to sell edited version of Kanye West's album, Kristen Stewart lukewarm on "Breaking Dawn" script -- and more morning news.

Jackass 3D director Jeff Tremaine opens about how he and Johnny Knoxville come up with the $50-million movie's stunts: by drawing sketches.

Still, the best-laid plans don't always look great on camera. "On paper, the great ideas a lot of times don’t work out, and the spontaneous things are the best ones," Tremaine tells New York Magazine's Vulture blog.

They also bicker about ideas. "The one that he pitched to me was building this giant hand that would swing around a corner and smash each guy. I thought it was funny; I just thought it wouldn't work. I was trying to put it off and not shoot it, but he stayed on me about it. Eventually I gave in and we shot it and it turns out that it's one of the best things we ever shot. So I was mad at myself for doubting him," Tremaine admits.

In other morning news:

- Kristen Stewart admit she wasn't exactly bowled over by the script for Breaking Dawn. "Well, to be honest, it's never very striking only because you know it," Stewart told MTV News. "Until you get to the last page, you're just hoping it doesn't let you down." Backtracking, she adds that the second-to-last Twilight installment (the fourth and final book will be split into two films) is "really good, I don't know… very solid." She goes on, "Basically we know exactly how the book is going to find itself now.” But she still has "a few little" suggestions: "That's one of the coolest things… I get to say, 'How about this line? It's not in yet."

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- Ray Ozzie, who replaced Bill Gates as Microsoft's Chief Software Architect, announced via email that he's stepping down after five years, according to the New York Post. He'll spend time concentrating on "the broader area of entertainment where Microsoft has many ongoing investments" during an unspecified transition period before officially leaving the company. Ozzie, who championed web-based software and helped build Windows Azure, will not be replaced.

- A Wal-Mart spokesperson says Kanye West never presented the company with artwork for his forthcoming album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, which appears to depict two animals having sex. Despite the rapper announcing on Twitter he was rejected by the megachain, the spokesperson tells Entertainment Weekly, "We're excited about Kanye West's new album and we look forward to carrying it in our stores on November 22nd. As always, it's our standard practice to carry the edited parental advisory version. We did not reject the cover artwork and it was never presented to us to view." West also taped an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Tuesday in which he declared he'd never sit in the audience of an awards show again following his ambush of Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV VMAs. "I feel like in some ways I'm a solider of culture.  I realize that no one wants that to be my job and I'll never go on stage again.  I'll never sit in an award show again. Will I feel convicted about things that really meant stuff to culture that constantly get denied for years and years? I'm sorry I will. I cannot lie about it to sell records…."

- Tina Brown opened up about why merge talks between her and IAC chief Barry Diller's Daily Beast website and Sidney Harman-owned Newsweek fell apart. "The engagement was fun but the pre-nup got too complex," she wrote in a memo obtained by New York magazine. "We wish Newsweek all the best. The Daily Beast is on a tear and any partnership we think about has to build on that incredible growth. Onward and upwards! " Harmon  recently purchased the magazine from the Washington Post Co. for $1.

- Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan opened the Philadelphia Film Festival Tuesday. The Natalie Portman starrer, which features self-mutilation and lesbian sex scenes, is "certainly more of an aggressive pick than we've done in the past," Andrew Greenblatt, the executive director of Philadelphia Film Society, told the Wall Street Journal. "It doesn’t please all audiences. But it’s been tremendously received."

- Jet Blue guy Steven Slater pleaded guilty to two counts of felony attempted criminal mischief Tuesday in NYC, NBC reports. As part of the deal, his one to three-year prison sentence will be delayed as long as he enters a yearlong mental health program and undergoes substance and alcohol abuse counseling. He'll also reimburse the airline $10,000, the cost for repairing the chute he deployed and exited the plane on after his August outburst. "While the public interest was surprising for me, at the end of the day I am a grown-up. I must accept responsibility for my actions," Slater told media outside of Queens Supreme Court.