Jackie Chan Blames Himself for Son's Drug Arrest

Jackie Chan
Sandy Huffaker/Invision for XX/AP Images

Jackie Chan poses at The Hollywood Reporter's video lounge. The actor was in San Diego promoting his new film, Chinese Zodiac, which he also directed.

"I'm very furious and very much in shock," says the 'Rush Hour' star

Veteran Hong Kong action star Jackie Chan has publicly expressed his shame at the arrest of his son Jaycee Chan last week on drug-related charges.  

Chan took to Chinese social media site Weibo to address his 32 year-old son's predicament. "I'm very furious and very much in shock," said a clearly emotional Chan to his 22 million followers in what was his first public statement on the scandal reports the South China Morning Post.

Chan blamed himself for not raising Jaycee, also known as Jaycee Fong Cho-ming, the right way. "Here, I'm telling Cho-ming: take responsibility for the mistakes you make. As your father, I'm willing to face the future with you. Lastly, I did not teach my son well. I'm taking my responsibility and together with Cho-ming, we take a deep bow and offer our apology to society and members of the public."

Jaycee's arrest hits his father particularly hard as Jackie Chan is an official anti-drug ambassador for the Chinese government. On Weibo Chan made reference to his official role when he said; "As a public figure, I'm ashamed."

The elder Chan canceled a promotional tour of Europe for the Blu-ray and DVD release of his film Chinese Zodiac to rush back to Beijing in order to help Jaycee, who was arrested along with Taiwanese movie star Ko Chen-tung on Aug. 14 after they were caught smoking marijuana at a foot massage parlor in Beijing. 

A police search of a home reportedly belonging to Jackie Chan where Jaycee was staying recovered 100 grams of marijuana. A video of the raid was shown on Chinese state broadcaster CCTV. Jaycee Chan was put under criminal detention for an unspecified time with Ko receiving a 14-day administrative detention. 

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