Jackie Mason Criticizes Hollywood Backers of Iran Nuclear Deal

Jackie Mason - H 2015
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Jackie Mason - H 2015

"They don't know this deal from a piece of strawberry shortcake," the comedian says.

Legendary comedian Jackie Mason has a name for the 98 Hollywood Jews who signed an open letter of support for a proposed nuclear deal with Iran: "Morons."

"You could bet your life they didn't read the deal," says Mason.

The 98 signatories, including producers Norman Lear, Mike Medavoy and Lawrence Bender, placed an ad in L.A.'s edition of the Jewish Journal a few weeks ago. Mason blasts them as tools of President Barack Obama during Aaron Klein's radio show, recorded in Israel and set to air Sunday night on AM 970 The Answer in New York and NewsTalk AM 990 in Philadelphia.

"They support anything Barack Obama says or wants. If he said tomorrow, 'We should invade Turkey,' they say, 'There's a good idea,' " says Mason.

Hear the audio above.

"They don't know what's in the deal. They don't know this deal from a piece of strawberry shortcake. They couldn't care less. All they know is that he wants it so they want it also," says Mason. "The truth of the matter is that when it comes to anything serious of any kind, they become morons. I shouldn't say this because it's an insult to the morons."

In the open letter, the 98 signers write: "We are united in saying that the negotiated deal on balance is good, that any available alternatives are worse, and that Congress killing the deal would be a tragic mistake."

Congress is set to vote Sep. 17 on a resolution against the proposal, but Obama is likely to veto anything that could put a stop to his plan.

Mason is at least the second person in the entertainment industry to lash out against the 98 Jews, after Gerald Molen, the Oscar-winning producer of Schindler's List sent an email to them last week arguing, in part, that lifting economic sanctions gives Iran the money it needs to develop nuclear weapons.

"How much of their new-found largesse will be used to kill innocents?" Molen asks in his email. "How much of it will be spent on child-size, bomb-laden vests for the indoctrinated young to climb on a bus, enter a marketplace or a theater and go boom? Israel must be very wary and each of the signers must surely know that. Shouldn't they?"

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