Jackie Mason on Hillary Clinton's Email Scandal: "The Whole Country Is Getting Nauseous"

Hillary Clinton Horizontal 6/17 - H 2014
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Hillary Clinton Horizontal 6/17 - H 2014

In a radio interview, Mason also floated the theory that the media prefers Sen. Elizabeth Warren to be the Democratic nominee.

The Hillary Clinton email scandal that is getting so much attention from the mainstream media might be chipping away at the conservative claim of media bias, and several on the right are making note of what they see as a minor phenomenon.

Rush Limbaugh, for example, has posited several theories over the past few days, including that liberals in the media prefer Sen. Elizabeth Warren be the next Democratic nominee for president.

"One of the most attractive theories is the media wants Elizabeth Warren," he told his nationally syndicated audience on Friday. "Warren said she's not gonna run if Hillary is in there. So there's an abounding theory that the media is trying to take Hillary out. They really don't like her. They never have liked her. Anybody better they'll go for, like they did with [BarackObama."

And Jackie Mason, in a pretaped radio appearance obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, will rip into Clinton on Sunday while praising the mainstream media, which is usually a target of the conservative comedian.

"The whole country is getting nauseous from her already — even the liberal press," he said during a segment on Aaron Klein Investigative Radio, which airs on popular talk-radio channels in New York and Philadelphia.

"Even The New York Times, which has spent 30 years protecting her, is attacking her, and all the liberal press is attacking her," Mason said, before also floating the theory that the press prefers Warren, whom he called a "yenta who loves everything except this country. She's a female version of the president."

"Since they could still pick another Democrat and there's no Republican involved, the press for the first time is frank and bold, and they can tell the truth about her, because if she was running against a Republican, they'd be protecting her," Mason said of Clinton.

Meanwhile, late-night comedians, who are routinely accused of liberal bias by pundits on the right, haven't shied away from accusations that Clinton used a private email account to conduct official business while she was U.S. secretary of state.

While most jokes were clearly critical of Clinton or her husband, former President Bill Clinton, Seth Meyers managed to use the scandal to bash Republican Sen. John McCain. "He can't find the 'send' button on his typewriter," Meyers joked.

The Media Research Center, a conservative organization, praised Conan O'Brien for broaching the topic and The Washington Post, often accused of liberal bias by conservatives, put together a montage of late-night jokes about the Clinton allegations. See it below.

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