Jackie Mason Is Rare Entertainer Defending Donald Trump

trump and jackie mason split - H 2015
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trump and jackie mason split - H 2015

His opponents are trying to figure out a way to "get rid of the guy," says the legendary comic. "It’s going to reach the point that, pretty soon, sooner or later, one guy is going to take a gun and shoot him.”

Jackie Mason, the 84-year-old Jewish comedian who has morphed into a political commentator, is warning the many GOP presidential hopefuls that they attack Donald Trump at their own peril.

In a pre-taped radio appearance scheduled to air Sunday, Mason refers to the Republican field as Trump’s "perfectly calculated opponents, who study and struggle to protect every word."

Trump, on the other hand, is a "bombastic powerhouse" and a "colorful, dynamic character."

In his interview, posted by The Hollywood Reporter ahead of its airing on Aaron Klein Investigative Radio in New York and Philadelphia, Mason will also excoriate the media for not understanding Trump’s appeal.

"He never even prepares what he is going to say and every time he talks he says something wrong that offends everybody, and 10 minutes later he gets more popular," says Mason, now one of the nation’s few comedians to publicly defend Trump.

Far more common is Trump as comedic whipping boy. "Today, Trump went to Texas to visit the border between U.S and Mexico and, this is very interesting, when he got there, other Republicans pushed him over the border," Jimmy Fallon joked Thursday night on NBC. After Fallon,  Seth Meyers made Trump the butt of his jokes on six occasions during his one-hour show, according to research firm TVEyes. And Jon Stewart has made a running joke of Trump for days on Comedy Central.

The major Trump controversies Mason (and everyone else who talks about him) refers to are the presidential hopeful’s reference to illegal Mexican immigrants as "rapists" and his assertion that Sen. John McCain, who spent five years in a North Vietnamese POW camp, is "not a war hero."

The media keeps saying, according to Mason, that if Trump "makes another mistake he’ll be wiped out. Then, two weeks later he makes a bigger mistake. This is the most offensive mistake of all time, and everybody is celebrating. 'Thank God he’s finished.' Headlines in every paper: 'It’s all over.' Two minutes later he’s even bigger."

Trump’s GOP rivals are "disgusted" by him, says Mason. Mimicking their sentiments, he says: "He has no right to run for office. He has no right to be commander in chief. He has no right to exist. He should have passed away last Thursday. He has no right to even live on this Earth."

"You can’t even remember who said it, because the guy who said it is wiped out and is going down in the polls every day," Mason warns. "They are saying, 'What do we have to do to get rid of this guy?' It’s going to reach the point that, pretty soon, sooner or later, one guy is going to take a gun and shoot him."

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