Jackie Mason Says Michele Bachmann Should Drop Her Presidential Election Bid

The Tea Party supporting comedian tells a radio host that Republicans want nothing to do with her.

Comedian Jackie Mason waded into the world of presidential election punditry on Monday, telling a radio interviewer that GOP hopeful Michele Bachmann should quit the race if she "had any intelligence."

Talking to host Aaron Klein during an interview on Aaron Klein Investigative Radio on WABC in New York, the comedian continued, "Bachmann has a problem of her own. She only has six phrases and she keeps repeating them since she starting running for office.”

Two of the phrases? "'I got 23 children and I got five children that are biological, 23 are not mine.' And 'I'm telling you that the whole country has to find out once and for all that Barack Obama should be a one term president.'"

Mason is an occasional columnist writing on conservative issues and has publicly stated his support of the Tea Party. But his opinion of Bachman could not be lower.

"She's at the bottom of the pile now," he told Klein. "You don't need a Democrat to attack her. The Republicans want to have nothing to do with her. She's wasting her time even running."

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