'Jackie' Producer Darren Aronofsky on Selecting Chilean Director Pablo Larrain | Producer Oscar Roundtable

"My filmmaking is more narrative based and [Pablo Larrain is] more experimental, more European."

"Pablo Larrain, who directed Jackie, talks about it [being] really strange when he got a phone call from me [saying] that I wanted a Chilean director to do this great American story. Pablo is more experimental. It's weird to call myself traditional Hollywood," said Jackie producer and notable director Darren Aronofsky during THR's producer roundtable. "The end product works really well because it's very much an art film, but it's also incredibly emotional for audiences."

On taking his turn at producing, he added, "I very much like putting together that package. Putting together a movie is really exciting. It's a lot of fun when you really feel the pieces come together. It's like that jigsaw puzzle feeling when you find that piece and it starts to make sense. Jackie was really tricky to find all the right pieces to make that film come alive."

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