Jackson Browne Readies New Album

Tonya Wise/PictureGroup
Jackson Browne

The singer-songwriter has been recording his first new release since 2008's "Time the Conqueror" with members of L.A. band Dawes.

Jackson Browne will release a new full-length album this fall. The musician, who presented Tom Petty with the ASCAP Founders Award last night at the 31st Annual ASCAP Pop Music Awards, revealed that he is “almost done” with what will be his first new album since 2008’s Time the Conqueror. The album is not yet titled, but Browne told THR he is considering naming it Standing in the Breach after a new song he’s been playing live for the past few years. 

Browne said he went into the album with no real vision except actually finishing it. “I’ve been working on it for the last year,” Browne said. “It took me a long time to get to it. Some of these songs were written and finished for a while, and some are brand-new. It’s almost done. I wouldn’t probably have taken a night away from it for anybody but Tom.”

The musician, who will be touring this summer, including two shows with John Fogerty on the East Coast, was interested in cultivating an organic, collaborative sound he’s stumbled upon working with other artists around Los Angeles. The new collection of songs will also bridge the gap between his 2008 release and now.

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“Along the way I’ve been questing for the resolution to certain issues that have come up since the making of the last record,” Browne said. “I’m exploring. It’s the culmination of the way I’ve been playing for the last year or two – not in my shows, but with my friends at various gigs here around town, at people’s houses. There’s a certain kind of playing I wanted to incorporate into my songs. It’s very easy to hire a bunch of amazing players and have this thing happen without it really developing out of the way you live.”

Some of those friends include the members of Dawes, with whom Browne has toured. The musician refers to the rock group as one of his “favorites” and said the foursome is “on the short list of people that I would go anywhere and do anything for.” Two of the bandmembers will appear on Browne’s forthcoming album. “Those guys are on one of the songs,” Browne said. “Taylor [Goldsmith] is playing bass and Griffin [Goldsmith] is playing drums, and they’re singing. It’s like I’ve nudged the other guys in Dawes aside and made the lead singer the bass player. It’s an interesting sound.”

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Browne also expressed his gratitude for being part of Petty’s award. “It’s a tremendous honor,” he said. “And it’s a chance also to say what it is about his music I really admire. His songs have been a part of my life for many years. And like all your favorite music, it really stacks up and becomes a part of your life in the best way. I was really thrilled to be invited to give him this award. I’m a small part of this. What he did in writing these songs is an enormous achievement, and it’s a chance to shine a light on that.”