Jackson behind on Neverland payments


LOS OLIVOS, Calif. -- If only money grew on trees in Neverland.

Michael Jackson could be at risk of losing his Neverland Ranch because of delinquent loan payments, according to a notice of default.

Posted on the Web site of KSBY-TV, the notice from San Francisco branch of Alliance Default Services states that as of Oct. 12 Jackson owed $23,212,963 on a $23,000,000 loan.

The notice from the title default company urges Jackson to pay up, saying "If your property is in foreclosure because you are behind in your payments, it may be sold without any court action."

It was unclear whether Jackson has made payments during the last month. Calls Tuesday and Wednesday to his spokeswoman were not returned. Calls Wednesday to Alliance Default Services were also not returned.

Jackson no longer lives at the sprawling property in Los Olivos, a popular tourist spot northwest of Santa Barbara known for its wineries.