Jackson pays off some taxes on Neverland


LOS OLIVOS, Calif. -- Michael Jackson's 2,600-acre Neverland Valley Ranch could be at risk since the pop star appears to remain in default on a $23 million loan he used to secure the property.

Jackson went into default in October. The three-month period, which must lapse after the notice is filed before the lender can hold an auction sale and foreclose, has passed.

As of Thursday, no notice of trustee sale had been filed with the Santa Barbara County Recorder's Office. No deed had been filed with the recorder's office to indicate that the ranch had been sold.

Jackson has paid off some of his other debts including $610,000 in state tax liens he owed on all his real property. On Monday, two releases of liens were filed with the recorder's showing the taxes were paid off.

Jackson also paid off money he owed to Real Time Staffing Services and Select Personnel according to documents filed with the county recorder.

Jackson has not paid his tax debt to the Santa Barbara County Treasurer and Tax Collector to clear the tax lien filed against his real property for $13,373.47.