Jacob Tremblay Joins Father at Work at Vancouver Police Dept.

Jacob Tremblay Father - Getty - S 2016
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Jacob Tremblay Father - Getty - S 2016

He had the "best doughnuts ever" while visiting his dad.

Jacob Tremblay has had quite the awards season, rubbing shoulders with everyone from Leonardo DiCaprio to Jennifer Lawrence, and now he's testing out a role as a mini-policeman.

The 9-year-old actor co-starred with Oscar winner Brie Larson in the film Room and won a Critics' Choice award and was nominated for a Screen Actors Guild award for his role. His parents often accompanied him to various awards shows, but this week he decided to turn the tables.

"I always bring my Dad to my work, but today I went to his!!!," said Tremblay in an Instagram post. The picture collage featured Tremblay and his father, a policeman, walking around the Vancouver Police Dept. 

Tremblay went all in with his outfit, wearing a VPD hat, aviator sunglasses and black leather jacket. He hashtagged the photograph "best doughnuts ever," showing off the sense of humor that made him a darling during awards season.