Jacob Tremblay Rocked a Custom Ralph Lauren Tux to Golden Globes

Getty Images

The 'Room' star is 9 years old.

Designers are making room for Room star, youngster Jacob Tremblay. Specifically, Ralph Lauren.

The 9-year-old actor, who has captivated critics and audiences with his riveting performance opposite Golden Globe winner Brie Larson as a mother and son who are held captive for years in a tiny shed, told Pret-a-Reporter that the designer custom made the black tuxedo with midnight blue lapels. 

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"It is pretty nice," he smiled, accompanied by his parents and a publicist. "We tried a few ones and this one was pretty cool. I like this one a lot."

See, red carpet dressing really can be that simple. More complicated? Curfews.

"This show is three hours I'm guessing and I wonder what time it will actually end," Tremblay contemplated. "I usually go to bed at 8, but my parents are letting me stay out late."

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He wasn't kidding. Pret-a-Reporter spotted Tremblay posing for fan photos on the red carpet around 11 p.m., following one major party stop at the Warner Bros./InStyle party inside the Beverly Hilton. He looked tired and ready for bed. "He's running out of steam," relayed his mother. 

There's plenty of steam left on the Internet for Tremblay's dad, who works as a real-life police detective. Whoa.