Golden Globes: Jacqueline Bisset's 'Shit' Slips Past NBC Censors (Video)

Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Miniseries, or TV Movie

*Jacqueline Bisset, Dancing on the Edge
Janet McTeer, The White Queen
Hayden Panettiere, Nashville
Monica Potter, Parenthood
Sofia Vergara, Modern Family

The "Dancing on the Edge" star let out an unexpected curse during her acceptance speech for best supporting actress in a series, miniseries or TV movie.

Jacqueline Bisset surprised both audiences and NBC censors on Sunday night at the Golden Globes when she swore during her acceptance speech.

While delivering her rambling speech following a win for best supporting actress in a series, miniseries or TV movie, a poorly timed bleep caught the beginning of her sentence, but not the word "shit," which aired on the live broadcast.

The 69-year-old English actress began her spectacular monologue by recalling in a stumbling fashion how "47 years ago" the Hollywood Foreign Press Association first nominated her as a promising newcomer. Her full confusing speech went on to say:

"Thank you very much Hollywood Foreign Press, I am absolutely shaking, I can't believe this. You have nominated me about five times, anyway. OK … Scottish background to the front. I always wanted to do something for the BBC, and we did this and this was great. 

" Chiwetel Ejiofor, where are you? I need to see you for inspiration. We had a great cast, didn't we? Starz, thank you for putting this on, thank you to my British agent, Steve Kenis, and my American agent, Harry Abrams," at which point the music began to play indicating her to exit, but she was determined to keep on talking.

"I am sorry, but I am going to get this together. I want to thank people who have given me joy, and there have been many," at which point some words were bleeped, but they didn't actually catch the curse.

"Shit. I say like my mother. What did she say? She used to say, 'Go to hell and don't come back.' However, however, however, my mother was not entirely me. I believe that if you want to look good, you've got to forgive everybody. You have to forgive everybody, it is the best beauty treatment. Forgiveness for yourself and for the others.

"I love my friends and I love my family, thank you so much!" Jacqueline concluded, while talking over yet more exit music. 

When Bisset went backstage to talk to reporters after winning, she said she couldn’t even remember what she had just said (and didn’t say) onstage. "I was told that my category was coming up second from last, so I was absolutely stunned," she told reporters. "I didn’t think I was going to win. Did it take forever? I saw Jon Voight on the way there, and got a kiss from him, which was lovely."

The actress said that she doesn't often get emotional like she did while onstage. "I don't get emotional that much. I got my control pretty in place. This surprised me enormously. … Of course I’m deeply emotional, but I try not to put it out there because it's embarrassing to some people. And it inhibits other people’s feelings, so I try to keep it together." 

The actress' blunder caught the attention on Ellen DeGeneres, who was quick to tweet a funny reaction.

"I helped write Jacqueline Bisset's speech. Did you like it?" joked the talk show host.