Jaguar Land Rover Previews 360-Degree Windshield

Jaguar Land Rover Interior Technology - H 2014
Courtesy of Jaguar

Jaguar Land Rover Interior Technology - H 2014

The system uses video cameras to project live images that eliminate blindspots — drivers can also navigate by following a virtual car projected on a heads-up display

As much as Alcantara seats and carbon-fiber trim define luxury cars today, the near future will be increasingly dominated by tech once reserved for fighter jet cockpits.

Jaguar Land Rover’s latest salvo is technology under development that eliminates blind spots by employing transparent roof pillars, along with a heads-up display that alerts drivers to pedestrians and creates a virtual “ghost car” that can be followed instead of turn-by-turn directions.

The 360 Urban Windscreen System, demonstrated on an XJ sedan, embeds screens in the front and rear roof pillars that display real-time imagery from video cameras aimed at the angles that the pillars would ordinarily obscure, providing the driver with a 360-degree view of the car’s surroundings. The system dynamically follows the driver’s movements and switches on and off as necessary — a left turn would automatically engage the screens on the left pillars.

The system’s most intriguing feature is the Follow-Me Ghost Car navigation system, which projects a hologram-like car on a heads-up display that the driver follows as it “drives” a route entered into the car’s navigation system.

Through the Jaguar Land Rover system is still in development, look for similar technology that transfers more and more driver information to heads-up displays to become increasingly prevalent in the luxury-car segment in the next two years.

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