Jake Gyllenhaal Bites Back at Amy Schumer's Cake Theft on 'Late Show': "Hey Princess, What's Goin' On?"

Stephen Colbert and Jake Gyllenhaal - H 2015

Schumer previously revealed to Colbert that when she was renting Gyllenhaal's house, she ate a birthday cake that she found in his freezer.

When Amy Schumer visited The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Sept. 11, she told the host that when she was renting Jake Gyllenhaal's house, she found a frozen chunk of a birthday cake in his freezer — and ate it. She even brought a clip of her drunken self, pretending to be Gyllenhaal's girlfriend while she devoured the cake that read "I'm a princess" in pink frosting.

And so when Gyllenhaal appeared on the show on Tuesday, Colbert asked the actor: "Wanna send a message back to Amy?"

The host then procured an identical cake, giving Gyllenhaal the chance to respond to Schumer's theft of his cake.

"Hey Princess, what's goin' on?" Gyllenhaal teased Schumer before taking a bite.

Watch the full clip below.