Watch Jake Gyllenhaal Correct Dan Gilroy's "Melancholy" Pronunciation

"That is not the first time today," the actor said of his 'Velvet Buzzsaw' director's slip-up during a Hollywood Reporter Sundance interview that has gone viral.

Jake Gyllenhaal's passion is acting, but phonics may be a close second.

In a video interview with The Hollywood Reporter this weekend at this year's Sundance Film Festival, the actor called out Dan Gilroy — the writer and director of his new film Velvet Buzzsaw — for butchering the word "melancholy" while describing actress Rene Russo, who also stars in the movie.

Explaining that there's "many sides" to Russo that "haven't been shown on film," Gilroy said that Velvet Buzzsaw shows her as "soulful" and "spiritual." "She has a touch of melancholy once in a while," he added, pronouncing the operative word like "meh-LANK-lee."

Visibly irritated, Gyllenhaal shot back, "It's melancholy, Dan," to which Gilroy quickly corrected himself. "Oh, it's melancholy," Gilroy replied with a laugh. "I always get that word wrong."

That's when Gyllenhaal then revealed, "That is not the first time today."

It wasn't long before Twitter users started to chime in with amused responses to Gyllenhaal's slight shade. "I have to respect that Jake Gyllenhaal always has an attitude," one user wrote. "I find it personally inspiring."

Added another, "emotional status: turned on by Jake Gyllenhaal being annoyed at the mispronunciation of melancholy."

On Monday, Gyllenhaal seemed to find the humor in the moment as well and shared the video on Instagram with the following caption: "Melancholy. #velvetbuzzsaw 2.1.19."

Indeed, Velvet Buzzsaw hits Netflix on Feb. 1.

Watch the full video above.