Jake Gyllenhaal Aids Eric Garcetti's L.A. Mayoral Campaign With 'End of Watch' Fundraiser

In a local twist on the latest political fundraising trend, supporters are being given the chance to win tickets to mingle with the actor and his candidate (and co-star) at a special screening.

Los Angeles mayoral candidate Eric Garcetti seems to be hoping that life will once again imitate art -- and Jake Gyllenhaal is trying to ensure that it does.

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The councilman, an accomplished jazz pianist and one-time musical theater composer, plays the part of L.A.'s mayor in the star’s forthcoming film, End of Watch. Garcetti always has had an eye for the cutting edge in culture and technology, and this time he’s capitalizing on his cameo by jumping on the latest campaign fundraising strategy -- a raffle-style giveaway.

This week, a select group of his supporters received an invitation to donate $50 to his mayoral effort, thereby entering their names in a drawing whose winners will attend a private screening of End of Watch with Garcetti and Gyllenhaal this Sunday, Sept. 16.

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Garcetti’s campaign says he’s “running for mayor to put L.A. back to work,” and this week he gave his first major speech outlining his proposals, which include encouraging green industries and the burgeoning “Silicon Beach” high tech sector on the Westside. Garcetti, a one-time Rhodes Scholar who also attended the London School of Economics, also said he would set up a city office whose mission would be to encourage entrepreneurial graduates of local universities to site their enterprises in the city.