Jake Gyllenhaal Suffers Hand Injury on 'Nightcrawler'

Jake Gyllenhaal
Ruven Afanador

The Prisoners actor on the family business: "My family has been in the movie business — my weirdly extended and immediate family. The movies are such a big part of our interactions. It makes me anxious being around a table here because this particular scenario just makes me feel like the dinner table. (Laughs.)"

The actor was filming a scene when he cut himself and had to receive stitches.

Jake Gyllenhaal has already been losing weight for his role in the upcoming indie Nightcrawler, and now he's lost some blood, as well.

The actor badly cut his hand when he hit a mirror and it accidentally broke while he was filming an intense scene (hitting the mirror was part of the scene). He had to spend a few hours in the emergency room and received numerous stitches before returning to the set, a rep for the actor confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter.

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Gyllenhaal has been mentioned as a possible awards contender for his role as a mysterious detective in Warner Bros.' Prisoners, but if he fails to receive an Oscar nomination, he can always blame it on the bad luck he incurred by breaking that mirror.

Nightcrawler co-stars Rene Russo and Bill Paxton. Dan Gilroy is directing and wrote the screenplay. Gyllenhaal has already made headlines for his dramatic weight loss for the role as an L.A. reporter who stumbles upon the world of crime journalism.