Jake Tapper on His "Bizarre" Stephen Miller Interview

Andrew Harrer - Pool/Getty Image; Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images
Stephen Miller and Jake Tapper

Miller has contested that he was escorted off set after his interview with Tapper on Sunday.

CNN's Jake Tapper told Seth Meyers on Thursday night that he wouldn't have booked White House adviser Stephen Miller on his show last Sunday if he knew that Miller would be combative and "bizarre."

Tapper ended up cutting the interview with Miller short, after he talked over Tapper and criticized both him and his network. A source at CNN said that Miller refused to leave the set after the interview concluded and had to be escorted out by security. Miller and the White House have contested that version of events.

"I was not expecting that," Tapper said on Thursday. "I would not have booked him if I thought that that was going to happen."

Tapper said that even guests who clearly want to convey a particular position or talking point make an effort "to have a certain behavior like a human being."

He continued: "There's also usually in politics an effort to be likable, to convince people. And I certainly understand the White House point of view that the media is unfair to them and doesn't give them their due and all of that. But, it wasn't a conversation, where he wasn't allowing me to ask questions. He wasn't answering my questions. He started repeating himself. It was just bizarre."

Tapper's CNN colleague, Chris Cuomo, told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview this week that he'd be happy to have Miller on his temporary primetime show or his morning show. "Obviously some of these considerations are going to be up to the bosses, about their own standards of what kind of decorum and behavior is expected of a guest on television," Cuomo said. "But if it were up to me, I'm fine. If he doesn't want to answer the questions, then he's going to have to answer for that."

Asked by THR whether Miller would be welcome back on CNN as a guest, the network did not provide an on-the-record response.

Tapper said in the interview that Miller was not his first choice among the potential guests that the White House offered up last Sunday. "I wanted [U.S. ambassador to the U.N.] Nikki Haley or CIA Director [Mike] Pompeo, but we got Miller," he said.