James Blunt Infuriates Polish Fans with Facebook Photo

James Blunt Australia 2011
Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - MAY 25:  James Blunt performs before game one of the ARL State of Origin series between the Queensland Maroons and the New South Wales Blues at Suncorp Stadium on May 25, 2011 in Brisbane, Australia.

The singer has received more than 5,000 comments on his account after joking about a building near Auschwitz.

James Blunt is under fire from thousands of fans after posting a photo of himself on Facebook in front a building under construction in Poland (see the pic here).

There's nothing offensive in the photo itself but in the caption for the picture, the singer jokingly writes "Errr, this is my hotel in Poland."

That comment, coupled with the building's proximity to the Auschwitz concentration camp, has led to more than 5,000 responses since it was posted Saturday. Though some Facebook fans have come to his defense, the negative reactions criticize Blunt for being cultural insensitive and arrogant, among other things.

One fan writes, "yeah i'm sure you'll find better in UK because you're the richest in the world but unfortunatelly [sic] not beautiful and you have the autumn for the whole year. Go back to UK from Poland where you sell more tickets than anywhere in Europe. SUCH A SHAME JAMES and Polish people like you it's strange."

Another says, "You look even worse than the 'hotel' behind you. Your voice has always been one of the ugliest sounds in the world. Don't come ever again."

Not all of the responses were negative, such as this one posted by a Polish resident: "That was your lucky day!!! normally, in Poland, we don't have windows, they are a luxury here, and rooms with windows are only for such celebriies like you are. . .btw the plants behind you are fake too. . . its a kinda red carpet but a polish version. . .heh." Another wrote, "omg, it can only hapens [sic] in Poland, haahhaha, i'm so sory that you must be here, it's terrible country, I know that well, cause I live here."

Blunt was in Poland to perform at the Life Festival at Mosir Stadium, located a few miles away from Auschwitz.