James Bond's Ms Moneypenny, Naomie Harris, Fronts New Sony Commercial

She appears in the 60-second "mini movie" for 007's official smartphone maker.

James Bond isn’t exactly averse to the odd bit of corporate involvement. After all, flying around in the world, wearing sharp suits and killing baddies doesn't come cheap.

So it’s no surprise that as the next installment Spectre draws nearer, 007’s major sponsors are starting to flex their marketing muscle.

Among the biggest names is Bond's official smartphone maker, Sony, which has unveiled a new TV commercial, starring Ms Moneypenny, portrayed by Naomie Harris, being chased around London by mysterious villains as she attempts to get her hands on the Xperia Z5. Of course, Sony's entertainment arm is also the studio that currently has the distribution rights for James Bond films.

"Bond, it's Moneypenny, I've got your phone," she says casually at the end, speaking on her own Sony handset (presumably to a tired Daniel Craig laid up after a night on Bond's new official tipple, Belvedere vodka). "Would you do me a favor next time? Go and pick it up yourself."

While the action isn't likely to have Spectre director Sam Mendes worrying about it trumping his own efforts, it's nice to see the brands getting into the spirit of things.

"London provides the perfect setting for the campaign film," said Harris about the spot. "Ultimately, at the center of Bond is Britishness, so it was really important that the ad was shot here. It is not your traditional commercial; it's an action-packed mini movie in itself."

The campaign will officially launch in the U.K. on Oct. 1, just over three weeks before Spectre launches across Britain on Oct. 26. The film lands in the U.S. on Nov. 6.