James Cameron: 'Inception' Director Christopher Nolan Should Have Been Nominated for an Oscar

James Cameron - premiere of "Sanctum" at Grauman's Chinese - 2011
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic/Getty Images

"I diverge from the Academy’s taste in a lot of ways," he tells THR.

Oscar-winning director James Cameron says Christopher Nolan should have been nominated for a Best Director Academy Award for Inception this year.

"I loved Inception, and I wish that it had gotten more," he told THR Monday at the Hollywood premiere of Sanctum. "I wish Chris Nolan had gotten nominated for directing that film because I think that it’s the most astounding piece of film creation and direction of the year, hands down ... but now it’s not even in the running. So I diverge from the Academy’s taste in a lot of ways."
Cameron said it's "an interesting race this year" because there are four or five really strong movies in the running. 
"They are very different, and to me, it’s almost anyone’s guess," he told THR. "I don’t see a lot of strong trends emerging. The media have tried to pick their winners, but then some of the Guild awards have warded that. I think it's a very open race. It makes it exciting."
Who is his bet for Best Director?
"I never publicize my picks," he told THR. "Oh, I have picks, but I don’t tell."