James Cameron Seeks Inspiration in the Brazilian Forest for 'Avatar' Sequels

Director wants film's cast familiarized with the rain forest and its indigenous tribes.

BUENOS AIRES – James Cameron said to AFP on Thursday that he's considering bringing in the cast of the Avatar sequels to Brazil's Amazonian rain forest so they will get in touch and be inspired by the place and its many indigenous tribes.

"Avatar is a film about the rain forest and its indigenous people. Before I start to shoot the two films I want to bring my actors here, so I can better tell this story", said the Canadian director, who is currently in Manaus attending the second International Forum on Sustainability. "Actors could learn about the natives and what real life in the jungle is like", he said, although no information about the sequels' cast was released yet.

The Forum also features Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bill Clinton, and is organized by Brazilian company SEMINARS and promoted by LIDE (Brazil's Business Leaders' Group), which includes 750 associate companies that together represent 46% of Brazil's private GDP. Schwarzenegger presented the debates with Cameron under the rubric "Public Policies that Favor Sustainabilit", and his presence sparked collaboration rumors earlier this week when former the former California Governor twitted about his "Brazilan adventure" with Cameron and posted a picture of them together on an airplane.

On Wednesday Cameron reportedly took Schwarzenegger to the Xingu River, where he had spoken out against the construction of hydroelectric dam in Belo Monte last year. "I introduced him to some of the indigenous leaders whom I met last year," he said.

The next day, Cameron talked to a small group of journalists after having dinner in a restaurant together with five members of the caiapo tribe, including chief Raoni, who baptized Cameron with the name "Krapremp-ti", a term for "man who is s friend of the jungle", according to Globo newspaper. Cameron told reporters he would use that name on a character in the Avatar sequel. "If I had met the caiapos before making Avatar, I would certainly have made a better film", he said.