James Cameron: Why 'Avatar 2' 3D Will Be Better Than the Original

James Cameron

The director says he's working on improving technology for the sequel.

James Cameron says he's aiming for an improved 3D viewing experience on Avatar 2.

Even though many agree that Avatar raised the bar on 3D technology, the filmmaker told the Wall Street Journal he's not satisfied.

“For Avatar 2, what I’m most interested in is getting theaters to up their light level,” Cameron said. “And we want to shoot the movie at 48 or maybe even 60 frames a second, and display it at that speed, which will eliminate a lot of the motion artifacts that I think are causing some people problems.”

Cameron said he hopes to eliminate complaints from moviegoers "about feeling sick."

"I think it’s because the image is strobing,” the director said. “That’s a function of the 24-frame rate, which has actually got nothing to do with 3D. It’s just made more apparent because the 3D is otherwise such an enhanced, realistic image, that all of a sudden you’re aware of this funky strobing which you weren’t aware of.”

Cameron added the same camera system was used on Sanctum, a film he produced that opens Friday. While it worked well for that film, he said it poses challenges for Avatar 2 because of the sequel's subject matter and locations, which include water.

Avatar 2 is scheduled for a December 2014 release.