James Cameron's Lightstorm Sued by Family of Filmmaker Killed in Helicopter Crash

Michael DeGruy was killed along with Andrew Wight in a 2012 crash in Australia.

The family of one of the two filmmakers who died in a helicopter crash in February 2012 has slapped James Cameron's production company, Lightstorm Entertainment, with a wrongful death lawsuit.

The estate of Michael DeGruy is suing Lightstorm, Cameron Pace Group and Earthship Productions alleging wrongful death and survival claims against the defendants, who the suit says "owned, operated, designed, manufactured, sold, tested, maintained, selected and/or entrusted the subject helicopter and subject pilot."

In a suit filed Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court, the plaintiffs seek punitive damages and pecuniary and nonpecuniary damages to be determined during the jury trial.

Read the complaint here.

DeGruy, along with Australian native Andrew Wight, were killed when their helicopter crashed shortly after takeoff on the south coast of Australia on Feb. 4, 2012.

Cameron, who is not individually named in the lawsuit, issued a statement the day following the crash.

"Mike and Andrew were like family to me. They were my deep-sea brothers, and both were true explorers who did extraordinary things and went places no human being has been," he said at the time. "They died doing exactly what they loved most, heading out to sea on a new and personally challenging expedition, having fun in the way they defined it for themselves, which was hardship and toil to achieve something never done before."