James Corden Critiques 'Late Late Show' Staffers' New Haircuts

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Courtesy of CBS

"People everywhere have started trying to cut their own hair, despite having zero qualifications," the host said before sharing his co-workers' "foolish attempts" on Monday's episode of the CBS late night show.

Staff members of The Late Late Show highlighted their new haircuts during Monday's episode of the CBS late night show.

Host James Corden opened the segment by noting that "quarantine hair has become a real problem" due to salons and barbershops remaining closed due to the coronavirus pandemic lockdown. As a result, many people have resorted to cutting their own hair, including some of Corden's staffers.

"People everywhere have started trying to cut their own hair, despite having zero qualifications," said Corden. The host then explained that he would share some of the staff member's "foolish attempts" of cutting their own hair, while he also offered his own critiques.

First up was Evan, a PA in the show's talent department. After showing off Evan's original full head of hair, the PA called in to reveal his newly bald head.

Corden said that Evan's new look "suits" him, though Evan revealed that he didn't originally plan to give himself a buzz cut. "I was trying to do a Brad Pitt in Fury with the buzzed sides and I totally botched it," he said. "So I figured I'd just go full Fight Club."

The host noted that the new hairstyle gave Evan "a different look" but said that he "couldn't look less tough." Corden continued, "You look like you're a stand-in for Sinead O'Connor in the 'Nothing Compares 2 U' video."

Digital team member Lexa was the next employee to show off her self-given haircut. Corden was initially impressed with her new layers, though she wasn't confident with how it turned out. "It could be worse," she said.

"It looks like it was cut by three different people who are still arguing over what length it should be," said Corden. "But I think it's a good, solid effort."

Before Late Late Show writer Lawrence revealed his new haircut, Corden admitted, "I don't know how much faith I have in his hand-eye coordination."

Lawrence then appeared onscreen and showed off his new mohawk. "I feel very aerodynamic," he said of the new look.

While Corden said that Lawrence is one of "the kindest and loveliest" members on the show's staff, he added that the hairstyle makes him "immediately more threatening." Lawrence responded, "I definitely feel like I'm part of a new subculture."

Production secretary Andrew was the final person to show off his new haircut, which featured hair on the top of his head while the sides and back were shaved. "I kind of figured I should just go for it," he said of his thought process. "I was just, like, 'Hey, let's be spontaneous.'"

Andrew said that he liked his new hair, though Corden wasn't impressed. "If this is the new you, Andrew, then this is the new you. And we'll all embrace it," said the host.

After reflecting on all of the staff member's haircuts, Corden declared that Lawrence's was the best. He then declared that Andrew had the worst haircut.

Watch the full segment below.