James Corden and Demi Lovato Perform Singing Telegrams

Dami Lovato James Corden Singing Telegrams H 2015

Dami Lovato James Corden Singing Telegrams H 2015

The 'Late Late Show' host has taken his popular "carpool karaoke" segments to the next level.

James Corden continued to show off his singing ability on Tuesday's Late Late Show.

But instead of taking guest Demi Lovato on another "carpool karaoke" outing, the host and Lovato took their singing door to door.

"I really want to get into this singing telegram business," Corden said as they hit the road.

They start off by surprising Dry Bar employee Sarah at work. She's just earned a promotion, and what better way to celebrate than with a twangy singing telegram duet with these choice lyrics: Sarah Works the DryBar/She's been with them 3 years/and when it comes to blowing people/Sarah has no fear…

wants to have R. Kelly perform at our wedding so he can sing 'Marry the P—' with R. Kelly.""]

Next up is a birthday telegram in the tune of "Banana Boat Song (Day O)" — which wears the duo out, so they take a bubble tea break.

Lovato suggests that they really should sing for the guys behind the counter. "Would you rather money for the teas, or we sing you a song?" Corden asks an employee.

"Money," the worker replies without missing a beat.

Their final telegram is delivered to a dentist (in the middle of examining a patient) who has successfully raised $6,000 for the YMCA.  

That's when the game really goes next-level.

Hint: As they leave the office after a job well done, Corden muses, "We might be the world's first singing telegram, mobile barbers. Am I right?"

Watch the full video below.