James Corden Recruits Harry Styles to Perform a "Crosswalk Concert"

Harry Styles performing “Crosswalk Concert” on the Late Late Show - CBS Publicity-H 2019
Courtesy of Terence Patrick/CBS

The singer gave "Crosswalk the Musical" a concert twist as he performed "Kiwi," "Lights Up," "Watermelon Sugar" and "Sign of the Times" during the 'Late Late Show' segment.

Harry Styles gave "Crosswalk the Musical" a concert twist during Wednesday's episode of The Late Late Show.

The segment opened with James Corden attempting to sell the singer on the idea. The host explained that other talk shows close down busy streets for their musical guests to perform, so he thought it would be fun for Styles to put on a concert on the crosswalk outside of the CBS studios.

"Close this whole street down for me to perform a concert? That's amazing," said Styles. Corden later explained that they "would be closing down the crosswalk when the light is red." The host continued, "You will have access to that for 30 seconds at a time…along with anyone else that wants to use it."

In a private interview, Styles said he didn't want to do the segment and that it was an "insane" idea. Corden responded, "You know who didn't think it was insane? The Beatles. What do you think Abbey Road was all about?"

Corden eventually convinced Styles to perform the "Crosswalk Concert." The host recruited a team of dancers, crewmembers, roadies and stagehands for the performance, though he forgot to bring in Styles' band for the segment. Styles also noted that he never uses dancers at his concerts, but Corden insisted they perform with the singer.

Before the performers took to the crosswalk, Styles and Corden handed out flyers to drivers stuck in traffic. Corden sang "Sign of the Times" to promote the show, while Styles approached drivers and said, "There's a show today. Don't know why."

Corden led the performers in prayer before their first number. "Dear heavenly father, please bless this concert tonight," he began. "Should one of them enter harm's way or be hit by an oncoming car, please let it be one of the dancers."

Styles and the four guitar players then made their way to the center of the crosswalk, where the singer stood on a platform and sang "Kiwi" from his 2017 self-titled album. The dancers later joined the performance, which also included fire being shot near a sign that read the singer's name.

Corden stood on the sidewalk and directed the performance. One of his notes was for Styles to channel his inner Mick Jagger, so the singer strutted between the cars and grinded against the hood of one car.

Before the second performance, Corden approached cars to sell merchandise.

Styles next sang "Lights Up," which Corden felt was best represented through modern dance. The singer stood in the middle of the crosswalk as Corden wore a bright yellow suit and cape. The host swayed his arms back and forth along to the beat of the song as drivers gave the performers unamused looks.

The singer performed "Watermelon Sugar" for the third number. Corden and the dancers wore watermelon suits and held watermelon umbrellas, while Styles stood on a stage decorated as the fruit.

The third performance was met with many annoyed looks from the drivers, though the skeptical audience didn't ruin Corden's excitement throughout the number.

Corden took the final number to new heights. Styles sang his 2017 hit "Sign of the Times" as he swung on a zip line over the crosswalk. The crew added backdrops of trees to help Styles re-create the song's music video.

Styles revealed that he was lip-syncing when he announced that he was stuck as the song continued. Corden and a dancer dragged the singer by his feet so that he continued to move above the crosswalk.

Following the performance, Corden asked the dancers if they wanted to go to The Cheesecake Factory. The performers agreed and they all ran to the restaurant, leaving Styles hanging on the zip line.

Watch the full segment below.