James Corden Plays an Eggplant-Filled Game of Emoji News With His International Audience

Courtesy of The Late Late Show with James Corden

"No one sends the eggplant [emoji] as an eggplant."

James Corden had a lot of fun with his audience on Tuesday's The Late Late Show.

He played a lively round of his "Emoji News" game, in which people are asked to guess the news story based on a series of emoji.

The first woman, an Australian guest, tried to figure out the story but made the crucial mistake of taking the eggplant emoji at face value.

"Now it is an eggplant, or is it …?" said Corden, trying to help her out. "'Cause no one sends the eggplant as an eggplant."

The answer involved an interesting grocery store debacle. "A man in Seattle was arrested after he allegedly placed his penis on to the checkout scanner at a Seattle supermarket," said Corden.

His next guest was a German man who looked at his emoji list and said, "The police picked up a girl with a dog and the dog maybe shit in the car?"

"That is already my favorite answer in 'Emoji News'," said Corden. "You're not really right."

Corden explained that what actually happened was a girl walking her dog got mad at a speeding driver and threw a bag with her dog's poop at the car, it went through an open window and exploded inside.

He took a break to tell a group of four men he thought they would make a great boy band. They were dubbed "Clint" and asked to pose for the rest of the game as the final guest stepped up to try and decipher the last news story, which was the most bizarre one of them all.