James Corden Rented Everything When He Moved to L.A. Because He Thought He Would Be Fired

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Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

The 'Late Late Show' host also joked that he's "living as a cat" to prepare for his role in the film adaptation of the musical 'Cats.'

James Corden got candid about his fear of failure when he took over CBS' Late Late Show during his appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday.

The late-night host admitted that he was surprised by the success of his show. He said that when his family moved to Los Angeles, he told his wife that they could not buy anything.

"We rented furniture. We rented a couch, everything in our house because I was like, 'I'm gonna get fired and the only thing worse than getting fired would be getting fired and then left with a couch that we've got to get rid of somehow because we'll be on the first flight back to London just going, 'Well that was a disaster,'" he said. "I genuinely meant that."

He revealed that he didn't start feeling comfortable enough to buy things until "about a year ago."

"We bought a house about a year ago and then it was like, 'Okay, if we bought a house, we should probably buy a couch,'" he continued.

With a year and a half left on his The Late Late Show contract, DeGeneres asked if he planned to stay with the show. "I don't know. It might not be my choice," he said.  "I still might get fired. I think that every day."

"I have no idea how long we'll do it for. We'll see how it goes," he answered.

Also during the interview, DeGeneres, who recently made an appearance on his CBS late-night talk show, mentioned that the show's guests have to walk down steps and through the audience to make their way to the stage, which she said was "awkward."

"When we started our show, we were like, 'How can we be different?' And we were like, 'Everybody walks from a curtain. Let's just have them come through the audience so that we're all in it together,'" he explained.

DeGeneres noted that the format makes it possible for fans to interact with the guests. "That's why we did it. Just to try to be a little different in whatever way we could," he said.

Corden also commented on the fact that his guests appear on the show at the same time as opposed to in different segments. "We were like, 'Oh well, how can we just stand out in some way in the mass of shows that are on in the middle of the night?'" he explained.

He added that he enjoyed having DeGeneres on his show as a guest. "I genuinely felt like it was a real thing for our show to have somebody who we all just kind of respect for so long and we've only been on the air for four years and for you to come by our show meant a great deal to everybody," he said.

Corden then spoke about his upcoming role in the film adaptation of the musical Cats, which features Judi Dench, Ian McKellen, Idris Elba, Rebel Wilson, Taylor Swift and Jennifer Hudson in the cast.

He joked that he also might be fired from the film. "I go tomorrow. I might be back here by Saturday," he said.

DeGeneres asked how he prepared for the role. "I'm like Daniel Day-Lewis. I immerse the character. You know what I mean?" he joked about the method actor. "I've just been living as a cat. I don't use the bathroom. I have a litter tray." Corden then played with his fake paws to show his best impression of a cat.

"I don't know if it will get better than what I just did there," he said of his cat impression.

DeGeneres then joked that she wished she had a laser pointer to distract him and he pretended to chase the fake laser with his eyes. "That's how in it I am. You said there was one and I thought they could add it in post," he said.

Watch the full segment below.