James Corden Turns 'Se7en,' 'Exorcist' Into Inappropriate Musicals With Nathan Lane

James Corden Inappropriate Musicals — H 2015

Rachel Bloom plays a phenomenal singing head.

James Corden, Nathan Lane and Rachel Bloom performed three "inappropriate musical" scenes from Terminator, The Exorcist and Se7en, on The Late Late Show on Thursday.

The musical versions of the films started out with Nathan Lane as the Terminator, singing "I'll be back," in an upbeat tempo with policeman Corden. "You'll see the Terminator/ sooner not later," they crooned as they danced onstage.

Bloom took her turn as the possessed star of The Exorcist, while Corden and Lane played the clergymen trying to save her. "You make my head spin/ like only an exorcist can," she sang, while her head spun around in her bed.

Next up was the grand finale, Se7en, with Corden as Brad Pitt's distraught character and Bloom as Gwyneth Paltrow's severed head. "What's in the box?" sings Corden, as serial killer Lane replies "I'm not going to say/ but I'll give you a hint: it's blond."

Morgan Freeman's character has never been so apathetic. Watch it all unfold below.