Grammys: James Corden Jokes He's Already Thrown Up Twice

The first-time host for the music award show also previewed how he plans to open the ceremony.

James Corden is hosting the Grammys for the first time this year, and the Late Late Show host looked a bit nervous as he chatted with Ryan Seacrest on the E! red-carpet pre-show about an hour before the ceremony began.

Corden took Seacrest through his day leading up to the ceremony, which he said he'd just "finished rehearsing 15 minutes ago."

"You wake up, you throw up, you get in the car and you throw up again," Corden said, smiling. "And then you come in and then you do a rehearsal to time, starting at 11 a.m. But that didn't go completely to plan, so you literally finish 20 minutes ago."

At the time of their interview it was 3:40 p.m. PT, so Corden indicated his rehearsal for the three-and-a-half-hour telecast was more than four hours long.

The host also previewed how he planned to open the show, reiterating what he'd previously said about not planning to do a traditional monologue.

"It's not really a 'number' as such, I would hate to get people's expectations up. It's quite a difficult room to do a traditional sort of monologue, so we're trying to do something slightly different with that. But it's quite exciting," he said. "I come up through the floor, which I'm very excited about."

Corden added, "I'm really trying to not let anybody down and make it a really fun show, that's what I'm trying to do."

He also joked about how the stakes are higher for the primetime awards show than his "middle of the night" talk show.

"We make a television show that's on in the middle of the night. People only realize it's on when they've woken up and realize they've left the television on. This is a bit different," he said.

Corden also had a playful exchange with Seacrest when he complimented the E! host's jacket, paused and asked Seacrest if he was going to say anything about his jacket.

Jackie Strause contributed to this report.