James Corden and Kevin James Have a Soccer Dad Battle With Adam Sandler as Referee

Courtesy of CBS

Cheerleaders, marching bands and DJ booths come out as James and Corden try to one-up each other for best supportive father.

James Corden and Kevin James played intense soccer dads for a sketch on The Late Late Show Wednesday.

It started out innocent enough, with Corden and James shouting out their sons' names as they sat near each other on the bleachers. Then the passive-aggressive insults began.

"Did Charlie skip a grade or something?" asked James. Corden said no. "He's a little smaller than the rest of the guys," James commented.

"Has your son ever skipped a meal?" retorted James, saying that Oliver looked "a little heavy."

When they held up signs, the tension continued. James then went offscreen and came back in a red jumpsuit with pom-poms, ready to cheer. The two dads began to one-up each other, bringing out stereos, cheerleading costumes, a DJ booth and an entire marching band.

Adam Sandler also made an appearance as a referee to tell the fathers that the game had ended an hour ago. Sandler took over the DJ station to sing as the other two men desperately searched for their lost sons.

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