James Corden Laments the Plight of the Very Late Night Host in "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" Parody

Courtesy of The Late Late Show with James Corden/CBS

"Somewhere after 'The Late Show'/you’ll find me/One more affable white guy/gabbing on your TV."

James Corden shows off his legit musical theater chops in a "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" parody, a very funny — and irresistibly charming  — riff on the plight of hosting a very late night talk show.

Corden melancholically begins "Somewhere After the Late Show" musing on the high pressure of the job: "The late night wars are a desperate scramble, where "earning billions in revenue," is what "matters most." 

In a wink to Dorothy, wandering around on her Kansas farm, Corden performs "Somewhere After the Late Show" in black and white, roaming around a stage and leaning on a wagon wheel — juxtaposed with clips from some of the more ridiculous moments from the show.

In the chorus, Corden jokes about the obscurity of being on so late, belting, "Somewhere after the Late Show, post-Colbert/there's a talk show of which a lot of you aren't aware."

And at last, he pleads, "Somewhere after the Late Show/I'm on too/Drunks stay after the Late Show/Why o-oh why can't you?"

Watch the full song below.